Fashion Stylist Vasil Bozhilov

fashion stylist Dubai

Our Wilhelmina Dubai headbooker Cynthia Guttierez met with Vasil Bozhilov originally from Bulgaria- a fashion stylist with an impressive portfolio who has worked with various magazines and photographers around the world including Grazia, MODA, Polanski, and 12 Magazine. Wilhelmina Dubai will be representing him so contact us for more information.

Favorite designers or brands Vasil?

I love the classic French and Italian brands such as Chanel, Lanvin, Bottega Veneta and Gucci. But I absolutely adore the creative genius  Alexander McQueen, Haider Ackermann and Japanese designers Comme des Garcons, and I love styling with Maison Martin Margiela.

Favorite models?
I’d love to work with Sasha Pivovarova, who is totally amazing. I love Valentina / Wilhelmina Models, Vania Bileva / Fashion Models, Iveta / Ivet Fashion, Martina / Wiener Models.
How do you come up with a theme or concept for a shoot?

When I see a new collection, I collect visuals of my favorite looks and piece a theme that will communicate the trends from that season.  I start with a moodboard and move on to more detailed story boards. Right now I’m working on a story board for animal prints and leather.

Favorite accessory brands?

Hermes,  Chanel and Louboutin for shoes.

Fashion icons in your opinion?
Carine Roitfeld, she has an amazing personal style. I also like Florence Welch, Grace Kelly, Miroslava Duma, Anna Dello Russo, she is a really nice person but to be honest she is in between reality and fashion which makes her so interesting. Coco Chanel who changed the world with her vision of elegance and style.

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Stefanie Ost’s Personal Style

Stefanie Ost

Stefanie Ost has worked with some of the most famous luxury brands and fashion designers from all over the world and has walked the runways for the likes of Dior and Cavalli. She loves fashion and as we have currently added a new service  at S.O. offering our clients fashion styling, wardrobe editing, and personal shopping we decided to talk fashion with Miss S.O. herself.

Can do you describe your personal style?

Classic and elegant.

What are some of your favorite looks Stefanie?

Well it depends on the occasion.  I love to wear long dresses for a black tie event such as a film festival or wedding.  For a fancy dinner I mostly opt for a knee long cocktail dress. At work I generally like simple knee long dresses covering the shoulders, a pencil skirt with a blouse or a pant suit, which I love to combine with a colorful tie for very formal meetings.

How do you prefer to accessorize your outfit?

Personally, I prefer keeping the accessories very simple and classic. It is definitely fine to mix and match low end with high end brands, but personally I like to stick for accessories to high end brands as they will make almost any outfit look expensive. When it comes to jewellery, I have this terrible knack that I only want to wear real gold or real stones (which makes the jewellery shopping usually a bit expensive.  Brands I love  include Louis Vuitton and Chanel (for bags), Thierry Lasry sunglasses and Rolex for watches.

Fashion Icons in your opinion?

Generally, I don’t think much of today’s so called fashion icons and “fashionistas”. To me, the likes of Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly or Alexander McQueen are iconic.

Favorite clothing brands?

I love Alexander McQueen and Ralph Lauren for clothing in general, Armani when it comes to office clothing and Hervé Léger, Alaia and Zuhair Murad dresses for night time.

Favorite local designer?

Ezra is great and I love following his creations.

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Etiquette Goes A Long Way

Etiquette Dubai

Stefanie many people believe Etiquette is an ‘ old fashioned’ concept, what do you think?

Etiquette is not only important but essential  in a professional business environment and  in fact at all times not only when dining in public at a nice restaurant.  One thinks or assumes that having proper etiquette is becoming stiff or acting arrogant, when in fact a simple etiquette lesson can help you feel more elegant, graceful and leave a great first impression.

 What are some of the most common mistakes people usual make during eating?

  • holding the knife/fork like a pen

  • Crossing your knife and fork when you finish eating

  • Keeping mobile phones on the table

 What are the 3 common mistakes people make on their first interview?

  • not shaking hands at all

  • Not standing up to shake hands

  • Not having done any research about the company

Can you share some tips with our blog audience  on leaving a good first impression?

  • smile (a smile goes miles – it breaks the ice and show people that you are glad to be with them)

  • Firm handshake

S.O. offers a range of Etiquette courses from Corporate to Social, contact us for more information.


Mademoiselle Dubai Interview with Stephanie Khouy

Stephanie Khouy

Stephanie Khouy works in Luxury Fashion public relations by day and is Mademoiselle Dubai, a fashion blogger by night. Read our interview below to find out more on her unique style and active life in Dubai.

How did you start your blog Stephanie?

The blog which started last March was a long time coming. I’ve obviously always loved fashion, I am very passionate about it and as my friends can testify, I can’t seem to shut up about it either, I have an opinion on everything, so it was a natural process for me to channel my efforts and energy in that direction.

Who are your favorite designers and brands?
•My ultimate favorite brand is Chanel. I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember. I stole /borrowed the classic 2.55 bag from my mother (my first Chanel bag, that started a collection that now spans over 11 bags) when I was in my early twenties, much to my little sister’s grief.

•DvF, I simply love her feminine and colorful, easy going dresses for work that can take you from office to any work function or private event in a breeze.

•And finally, I dream of possessing a closet full of Victoria Beckham outfits. I am a big fan of what she’s doing, her collections are really coherent, from her RTW and diffusion lines to her bags. Everything is super sharp, extremely well-tailored, and so desirable. As I am approaching my mid-thirties, I found myself more and more drawn to her poised esthetic.

Who are fashion icons in your opinion?

Fashion icons are on the way of disappearance nowadays. Such a paradox, but what made someone an icon was her/his aura of mystery. Today, with social media and the celebrities over sharing, posting pictures of them grocery shopping or without any make-up, you don’t get that magical sense anymore. Some of the biggest Hollywood icons have no sense of style when left to their own devices for example, which is why the timeless icons are still going strong nowadays: Jackie O, Liz Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, they were perfectly put together at all times, you would never catch any picture of them on a day ‘off’.

The modern icons are for me the ones who are either resisting the lure of Social Media (i.e. Kate Moss) therefore allowing people to project their own fantasies upon them, or those who are controlling it to give us only glimpses of their private, beautiful lives (i.e. Olivia Palermo). I have no interest for example of knowing if Karl is having a bad day or what did Nicole Kidman ate for breakfast.

My fashion icon of all times is Carrie Bradshaw. She wasn’t a real person, but nevertheless, her fearless and most unique sense of fashion will stay with me as a reminder that it’s OK to break sartorial rules, as long as you have fun doing it

What trends do you love for this fall/winter?
•Anything with a berry color. I’m loving this palette of burgundy, red-wines, plum for Fall / Winter, especially on the lips

•The sweaters worn with pencil skirts, mini skirts or just over-the-knee boots

•Anything leather. I’m still hunting for my perfect leather leggings

Best piece of advice for someone to look and feel their best?

Dress for your body type, which means they’ll be colors, fabrics, cuts and trends that won’t suit you. It’s all about acknowledging your strengths and your weaknesses and play with them or make the most of them.

Also I am a big believer that if you don’t have it, just fake it. They say confidence is key, but I think it is in part due to the way you project yourself to others. Some of the most notorious charmers and funny people are in fact very shy in public.

Chanel Dubai

Fashion Forward Season 2

Our S.O. and Wilhelmina Dubai team hit Season 2 of Fashion Forward this week as an army of our  international models walked down the runways for various designers. Check out Leila’s blog, our facebook and Wilhelmina’s instagram pages for more fashion and model’s posts and photos. For details of the shows we love

wilhelmina dubaiSocial Media Manager for Wilhelmina Dubai Farah Hammouri and General Manager Leila Antakly

Favorite looks from the Tahir Sultan show #themine


kage Finale

International Wilhelmina Dubai model Jaqueline at Kage #ilovekage

wilhelmina dubai

Wilhelmina International Alex R for The Emperor 1688

Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Chanel Flats

Today I sat with our S.O. personal stylist Ruchika Chani to get a list of Fall wardrobe essentials that can be mixed and matched with anything for a timeless and very chic look that can be transformed easily from day to glamorous night time looks.

Here are Ruchika’s 5 wardrobe essentials for Fall 2014:

1.       Black leather jacket ( Celine or the classic motorcycle Balenciaga)

2.       Denim Shirt ( Gap , Current Elliott and Equipment)

3.       Distressed Jeans in any cut (AG Jeans and Rag and Bone)

4.       Classic flat ballerinas ( Chanel and Michael Kors)

5.     White blouse with detail (Australian brand Lover, Helmut Lang, Paul and Joe)

High street brands that will help transform that wardrobe of yours, the Ruchika way:

  1. (these days, myfavorite!)

  2. River Island

  3. Isabel Marant for H&M

  4. Iconic at Dubai Mall

  5. Stradivarius

Book your personal styling session or wardrobe edit  with Ruchika today,

Written by Sherri, Social Media Manager

Dinner Parties & Entertaining

hosting dinners

Leila Antakly is our general manager who moved to Dubai last year from New York City. One of her favorite activities back home was hosting friends and organizing themed dinner parties and events. So naturally we asked this bubbly personality to share some of her insight and tips on creating the perfect dinner atmosphere.

How do you decide on a dinner menu when hosting at home Leila?

For recipes I always consider my guests and take into account whether they would like certain dishes or not, I always check if they are vegetarian or have any food allergies. Nowadays everyone seems to be gluten free or lactose intolerant so I am pretty careful about that. My friends back home love my taco recipe so I used to organize Mexican Fiestas quite often. Themed dinner parties are fun and I love this book Be My Guest by Rena Sindi that inspired me.  I get so much information and cool ideas on pinterest,  it  really is such an amazing resource full of entertaining ideas ( from table decorations, themes for parties, recipes, unique flower decor,  see pictures attached etc).

I also love my friend Dalia Dogmoch Soubra’s book ” Food, Love and Life” that is full of delicious recipes. Her passion for food is absolutely addictive and I just love all her little details that make such a difference.

What are the elements necessary to create a perfect environment?

Music and lighting are incredibly important in creating the perfect dinner atmosphere.  A close friend of mine recently showed me her trick which is to combine a mixture of real candles and fake ones to create a very romantic and elegant table display. Everyone assumed all the candles were real.

I take time in creating cool and original playlists, and you know you’ve had a great dinner when it ends in dancing at the end!

Any other tips?

Passion for food is the key and enjoying sharing that with your close friends is the ultimate recipe for a successful dinner party.

SO offers a range of etiquette courses from business to dining etiquette, contact us for more information on

dining etiquette

Chanel Nuit Magique

In preparation for the anticipated #VFDE,  Vogue Italia Event at Dubai Mall, our general manager Leila Antakly was invited to a special and very exclusive preview for CHANEL’s latest makeup collection inspired by the Middle East, ” Nuit Magique” a combination of midnight blue and starry black created specifically for dark hair and dark eyes.



For this collection with its enchanting charm, CHANEL enhances Oriental  eyes  with LES 4 OMBRES FASCINATION a gradation of magnetic shadows that wavers between the softness of pale grey and the dizziness of a deep blue.


For even more depth, the STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF NOIR INTENSE is traced along the base of lashes or on the inner eyelid rim like kohl. LE VOLUME DE CHANEL NOIR mascara is swept generously over lashes to boost the intensity of makeup.



Le vernis takes a radical stance with a duo of elegant and surprising new nail colours: MAGIC-a deep blue hue, and COSMIC a sparkling black.


chanel 2

chanel 4

Thank you to the amazing CHANEL team and Bloomingdales!

#chanelnuitmagique Presents Mary Katrantzou’s Resort 2014 Collection

Last night we were invited to the exclusive preview of designer Mary Katrantzou’s Resort collection in association with Not only were the prints gorgeous, but the unique cuts and shapes of the dresses match the famed prints that have made Greek designer Mary Katrantzou and international sensation with fashionistas all over the world.

Some of our favorite looks of the night include Leila Yavari, fashion director for who looked stunning in her gorgeous Mary Katrantzou dress,  Rosemin Manji in pink, and the lovely Lina and Tala Al Saaman also wearing Mary Katrantzou designs. We also really loved Maliha Al Tabari’s beautiful Mochi  purple ensemble ( her sister is the talented designer). Thank you to the amazing Expose Communications team for such a lovely event.

Leila Yavari Stylebop


mk10 mk1 mk7 mk4




Is Healthy Hair Possible In Dubai?

Hello lovely audience.  I am Sherri and I am the social media manager at SO. Every Thursday I will be compiling and listing some of the best beauty and health tips from around the world on everything from diet, exercise, to makeup, in fact anything that will help you look and feel better!

My goal is to make this platform interactive and engaging so send me your tips or ask questions or better yet, come in for a makeover consultation.

Today I am sharing some of the best tips I’ve found on keeping your hair healthy in Dubai. Everyone here talks about losing hair whether its the dry weather conditions  or horribly treated water that may be too harsh on most scalps.

1.       One of my favorite beauty bloggers, Huda Beauty shared this  recipe for a serum one can make at home to counter hair loss!

2.       Refinery29 is another favorite website and here’s one of their tips on using apple cider vinegar for voluminous healthy hair.

3.       Savoir flair’s  10 Cardinal Rules for preventing hair loss which are great!

4.     Into the gloss recommended this amazing Vegetarian Conditioner Mask to nourish the hair.

5. Our general manager Leila Antakly constantly complains about losing hair has tried and tested a few solutions . She believes taking Biotene every morning before breakfast and her Ionic  filtered shower head which is supposed to balance the water and nourish the scalp has greatly reduced hair loss.