Stefanie Ost’s Tips on Looking and Feeling Your Ultimate Best!

Stefanie Ost

Stefanie Ost,  Founder of Wilhelmina Models Dubai and SO,  was a former fashion model who has graced the covers and appeared in editorials for Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire all over the world. She’s  walked the runway for Cavalli and Dior until she decided to settle in Dubai and had the opportunity to turn her modeling experience into a business helping women and men look and feel their best while also assisting the region’s aspiring young models achieve their dreams. In 2011, Stefanie entered The Big Start, a student entrepreneur competition run by Al Tamimi Investments, and her winning business idea scooped the top prize.

Every Wednesday Stefanie will feature her personal favorite beauty tips and advice on looking and feeling better. Today we ask Stefanie about “ juicing” and the benefits and disadvantages of this fad that is taking Dubai by storm.

What do you think about “ juicing” and how do you do it?

I absolutely love juicing! Every day I have at least 1 or 2 fresh veggie juices that keep me revitalized and glowing. Once in a while I might do a few days of a juice fast which can become addictive as you feel just fabulous afterwards. I do however feel that it is important  not to live on juices only (which is the side effect of this new trend that many young women stop eating solid food completely and just live off their juices). Personally, I consider juices as a great detox tool and as an easily digestible “supplement” to a balanced diet.

As a model did you ever juice to prepare for a show?

I was always quite lucky and never really had to diet much. Yet, if I had a big show coming up now and I had to lose some excess weight, I would do a 3-5 day juice fasting cleanse, which would not only help me to get back in shape, but will also leave me with a beautifully glowing skin. I want to add that one of the benefits of juicing is that it makes you aware of what you eat so once you start eating solid food again you are much more careful with what you put in your mouth and more often than not you become healthier.

What’s your best nutrition advice?

Its all about balance. I don’t think one should count calories and become obsessed with diets, its important to eat as much fresh vegetables and fruits as possible and definitely avoid sugar and sodas.A great sugar alternative is Stevia (it’s natural and has almost no calories). Artificial sweeteners such as Sweet and Low are the worst, the ingredients actually make you even fatter. Also, it is advisable to stay away from white flour (such as white bread, regular pasta, white rice) and instead opt for  healthy grains such as brown rice and whole grain). Finally try to stay away from dairy and too much animal protein – it’s  really not good for your beauty.

Stefanie Ost is trained under The Finishing Academy UK and conducts corporate and private social and business etiquette courses. Contact for more information.


Interview with Personal Stylist Ruchika Chani

Ruchika Chani is a personal stylist who also provides wardrobe edits to those who wish to refresh their closets and overall style. She comes from New York where she has worked in fashion with some of the top brands and consulted many celebrities on trends and personal styling. She specializes in colour analysis, body shape and style analysis, wardrobe coordination & organisation, packing for travel and personal shopping for women and men of all ages.  Styling and image consulting services are provided for individuals, groups, and business professionals.

Ruchika how did you get into Personal Styling?

I grew up around fashion and textiles and was always mesmerized by the colors and fabrics. My creative side was ignited and the flame only grew as I got older which led me to helping friends who started their own lines and would come to me to style their photoshoots. Things moved quickly from that point and I was soon doing shoots for swimwear lines like Brette Sandler and Zoe nyc.

What are your favorite brands?

We are spoilt for choice in the fashion industry. I have a new favorite with every season, this season I’m loving Haider Akermann and Peter Pilotto. My timeless favorites are Valentino, Chanel and Tom Ford.

How would you describe your style?

It changes daily on my mood.

Comfort is my motto. I will never wear something I’m not comfortable in and I like to mix all kinds of styles together from rocker chic to ladylike florals. I would say my style is edgy and fun yet classic.

How do you conduct a session with a client?

I am very goal oriented with my clients. If they aren’t happy then I’ve failed. The key is knowing when to push them out their comfort zone. I start with getting to know what they want to change or improve on and take it from there.

What is the best part about giving someone a wardrobe edit?

The best way to describe a wardrobe edit is that it is the equivalent of an intense workout and at the end you feel lighter, stronger and a sense of accomplishment that is visible.

Any tips you’d like to share with our audience on updating their fall style?

This season its all about black white and grey, houndstooth and tartan. I love it!

Book Your Personal Styling Consultation or Wardrobe Edit with Ruchika today. Contact us for more information

Meet Celebrity Make Up Artist Karuna Chani

karuna chani

Karuna Chani is an internationally recognized and accomplished make up artist, image and skin care consultant. Catering to the crème de la crème of South Asians both in the US and internationally, she is also a beauty contributor to top fashion publications and online press like Marie Claire India, Hello Magazine India, Cosmopolitan Magazine Indonesia,, etc. Also touching the faces of notable figures like Priyanka Chopra, Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon, Shahani Goswami; her clients will tell you that her talent lies in her ability to bring the runway to realway! A fierce advocate for women’s rights and empowerment, Karuna takes every opportunity to help women feel confident, powerful and sexy.  So as Karuna is one of the best in the business, we’re excited to welcome her to So-Famous as one of our exclusive beauty contributors.

And kicking off her the start of many beauty tips to come  is her first piece on Foundation!! How do you find the right foundation for you? Karuna’s got you covered with all you need to know!

Picking out the right foundation shade can be a problem for women of all races, but it can be especially difficult for Olive and Brown skin tones. Though the range of shades and cosmetic lines for women of color has improved over the years, many lines still don’t go beyond caramel. And even for those with a lighter complexion, it doesn’t mean they’ll be able to wear the lighter shades. This is because most cosmetics brands often have a pink undertone, which is obviously incorrect for brown skin tones.

The wrong shade of foundation can look orange, pasty or muddy on darker skin. 
So when picking a foundation, it’s important to match not only the color of your skin but its undertones (i.e., yellow/golden, pink/red and olive) as well. Then lastly, it’s important to match the tone and warmth of your complexion.

When ready to test your foundation, test from your cheekbone to jaw line, or if you feel you may be sensitive skin type, use the lower jaw line to neck. But NEVER, EVER  use the back of your hand. The hand is actually the worst place to test a product and color that is meant for your face. Testing your foundation on your face will more easily reveal your undertone and quickly narrow the search when trying to pick the right foundation.

First choose a color that appears to match your overall skin tone, then after applying it to your cheekbone to jaw line area, after a couple minutes confirm that it also matches your undertones as well. Next it’s time to determine whether your tone is light, medium, or dark and either warm, cool or neutral. To do this, try  two to three different shades on each cheek, letting them sit for 30 minutes to set and oxidize. If after 30 minutes of wear the foundation seems to be close to invisible and natural…You’ve got yourself the perfect shade!

If you’re not comfortable choosing your foundation on your own, it’s best to go to a high-end cosmetic boutique or department store. Carefully pick the artist at the counter that is not only closest to your skin tone, but also suits your sense of style. Then have them help you find your perfect foundation, using the guidelines above.

DISCLAIMER: It’s normal to have two different shades of foundation. One for the summer months when skin has a sun-kissed glow, and another for the winter months when skin is a shade or two lighter because the absence of sun makes skin fairer.

BEST Foundation brands for Olive and Brown Skin Tones:

1.       NARS – Sheer Glow

2.       Giorgio Armani – Luminous Silk Foundation

3.       Laura Mercier – Tinted Moisturizer w/ SPF 20

4.       Bobbi Brown – Skin Foundation w/ SPF 15

5.       Makeup Forever – HD Foundation

For beauty tips and more information  Email:

Marie Claire-July 2012(1)

Our Favorite Beauty Products/ Wilhelmina Models Dubai Headbooker

Cynthia Gutierrez, Wilhelmina Models Dubai’s headbooker is responsible for bringing international models with different looks and style to the region and we asked her to share some of her favorite products.

Favorite Perfume?

Euphoria by Calvin Klein


What is the one make up product you dont leave the house without?

My black or green eyeliner. I use Maybelline express liner.


What color nailpolish are you currently wearing?

For the toes I like colorful colors, but for the hands I prefer dark ones. I love black nails


Who are your favorite models Cynthia?

For the runway I have to say Naomi Campbel because her walk is amazing. For natural beauty I would have to say Christy Turlington. For male models I really like the look of Willie Carter and Sean O’Dry who has perfect cheek bones and amazing eyes.


Sean O'pry

willie carter

If you had to pick one brand that best represents your style which one would it be?

Its very difficult to pick just one brand I love to mix style so I’m not loyal to just one brand but for everyday I like Spanish brands such as Blanco, Lynx or Bimba & Lola.

What’s one fashion trend you don’t like?

Platform shoes! I hate them.


Beauty Tips From Cynthia Abdel Karim

Dior Addict

What are some of your favorite beauty products?
Revive-moisturizing renewal cream.  Its a moisturizing cream that you apply overnight and it does exactly what it says on the jar.. it gently exfoliates, evens out skin /wrinkles and gives you a great glow. When I use it, I wake up and my skin feels dewy, i love that word, fresh and glowing.


Dior- Lip glow : A friend told me about this one, it looks like a chap stick…but when you apply it on your lips magic happens. It basically brings out the color in your lips, like you’re not wearing lipstick…but have naturally red snow white type of au naturel lips. It looks different on each person that uses it as it enhances your lip color.

Cle de Peau -Foundation gives you fabulous even skin tone that lasts all day. Lasts being the operative word, no matter the weather or day you’re having it stays on and your skin looks flawless.  Whenever I travel to the states I load up on it and am always buying stock for my sister, friends etc. a great brand.

What are your tips to protect your skin from the hot summer months ahead?

One has to drink water, moisturize and use sunscreen. I’m good at the last two, I never drink enough water but you have to in Dubai.

How do you get ready for beach season?

Its beach time all year in Dubai, which actually forces you to stay fit all year long. I have a trainer that I’ve been working out with for several years that I swear by, Jane Head. She has a studio where you are max 4 people so she’s very attentive to you and makes sure you are doing everything right vs lost in a big class.  Her technique is core resistance training, so you isolate muscle and use a percentage of your own body weight to work out.

I also love yoga., its great for the mind and body.
And for the best results I just watch what I eat, basically cutting out wheat and dairy although I love food too much to diet.

How do you get the latest news on Fashion and Trends?

I never buy fashion magazines. I mainly go on online portals, websites or newsletters to see what’s new. In fact I even go online to shop cause I find stores too hectic and uninspiring

How do you keep a balance in your busy life?

I really need my downtime so I try not to make too many plans during the week and I need my 8 hours of sleep. Working out regularly is also really the key.