Guess Campaigns

Guess has always had iconic campaigns typically shot by one of our favorite photographers, Ellen Von Unwerth who knows how to capture a woman’s sensuality and playfulness without going overboard and vulgar. Back in the 90’s landing a Guess campaign meant a model had reached her iconic status which can be compared to landing the Victoria Secret Angel spot for their annual and highly celebrated fashion show today. Probably the two most memorable ads were shot with super model Claudia Schiffer and Ana Nicole Smith, but our favorite were the color ones with models Megan Ewing and Adriana LIma.



megan-ewing-fellow-guess-model--large-msg-131111336658 - Copy

The  recent superstar to be chosen to represent Guess is former Miss World and Bollywood actress  Priyanka Chopra who reminds us of a cross of the classic beauty of Sofia Loren and Eva Mendes.