Model Naza Jafarian On Going RAW

naza jafarian

Wilhelmina Dubai is excited to introduce the beautiful Naza Jafarian  to Dubai ( who happens to be a raw vegan). Originally from Iran, she moved to the UK when she was nine years old. She began modelling at 13 when she was scouted by a famous agent in London and continued her modelling career throughout University where she studied  Bioengineering and then Law.  She decided to focus on modelling in order to travel the world.

During her travels Naza began suffering from severe unexplained seizures and after seeing numerous neurologists and  trying different types of medications, she felt she was only getting worse.  She then went to see a neurologist in California who advised her on changing her diet to a completely raw vegan diet and so 6 months ago she went raw.
The changes you begin to see with your body, your health and skin occur frighteningly rapidly. I was no longer feeling bloated or too full, my complexion began to glow, I had a lot more energy, I felt happier and most importantly – my seizures stopped.

Favorite raw foods Naza?

Believe it or not there are tons of great recipes, but my favorite are raw falafels (they make the best ones at Cafe Gratitude in L.A. ) and Raw Almond Macaroons for dessert.

How challenging is it to maintain a raw diet when traveling?

It really is hard to eat raw whilst I am traveling as it is a time consuming process. But you can always find really good cafes and restaurants if you look for them. In Dubai, it has really been a challenge to stay raw and eat clean (as there is SOOOO much amazing food), but the easiest way that works for me – I buy raw protein powder and I make sure I juice everyday to make sure I am getting the nutrition that I need, alongside salads and heaps of green vegetables for other meals of the day.

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4 Hair Styles To Try Now

  1. Hairstyles Fishtail braid- Total Beauty gives a step by step tutorial how to do a fishtail braid which is neat and very easy to do.
  2. Top Knot- Refinery29 did a detailed tutorial on 3 ways to do a chic top knot
  3. Braided side ponytail- Dailymakeover’s tutorial on how to do a sophisticated Jessica Alba braided side ponytail in 5 easy steps.
  4. Big Hair- Every girl’s dream to have thick big beautiful hair. Here Cocorosa shares a detailed tutorial to get the look.

– Sherri Jafferi

S.O. Beauty Secrets


Stefanie Ost always share her favorite beauty secrets with our team here at S.O. so we asked her to share some of those with you our lovely audience.

Stefanie what is one of your best kept beauty secrets?

I have plenty of beauty secrets but here are just a few of my favorite:

If you have a pimple and you know it’s gonna look really nasty, apply Manuka Honey on it before going to bed and the next day your complexion will be a lot more clear. Honey has been known as an antimicrobial and antibacterial properties since prehistoric times.  Manuka honey is honey produced from bees that eat only plants flower known as manuka or tea plants in several countries.

I take vitamin E oil which is fabulous for your skin, Chlorella tablets and Spirulina (a species of algae as seen in photo above) which is packed with minerals.  I love to add Chia Seeds to my foods as they are full of omega 3 fatty acids which are also good for your skin and apparently they help with metabolism.

Argan tree is one of the world’s oldest tree species. This tree grows only in southwest Morocco, between Essaouira and Agadir. Oil from the argan tree is known as an oil rich in antioxidants and vitamin E so that both are used in skin and hair. This oil is absorbed much more easily than the beauty oils in general.

Perhaps this is not a secret anymore as everyone has heard of the benefits of juicing, but  it is definitely one of my favorite beauty remedies.  Just don’t think that because your juicing that you wont be needing your daily intake of eating fruits and vegetables as well! Juicing will supercharge your nutrient intake by providing you with pure micronutrients, vitamins and enzymes so you can kick start your metabolism and give your body a break from all of the strange chemicals you’ve been challenging it to process until now.

Prepare your fruits and veggies the night before if you plan on making a morning juice by selecting the ingredients for your juice, washing the produce, placing them in a storage container in the fridge and assembling the juicer in your kitchen so it’s ready.

-Sherri Jafferi- Social Media Manager


Fashion Forward Season 2

Our S.O. and Wilhelmina Dubai team hit Season 2 of Fashion Forward this week as an army of our  international models walked down the runways for various designers. Check out Leila’s blog, our facebook and Wilhelmina’s instagram pages for more fashion and model’s posts and photos. For details of the shows we love

wilhelmina dubaiSocial Media Manager for Wilhelmina Dubai Farah Hammouri and General Manager Leila Antakly

Favorite looks from the Tahir Sultan show #themine


kage Finale

International Wilhelmina Dubai model Jaqueline at Kage #ilovekage

wilhelmina dubai

Wilhelmina International Alex R for The Emperor 1688

Dinner Parties & Entertaining

hosting dinners

Leila Antakly is our general manager who moved to Dubai last year from New York City. One of her favorite activities back home was hosting friends and organizing themed dinner parties and events. So naturally we asked this bubbly personality to share some of her insight and tips on creating the perfect dinner atmosphere.

How do you decide on a dinner menu when hosting at home Leila?

For recipes I always consider my guests and take into account whether they would like certain dishes or not, I always check if they are vegetarian or have any food allergies. Nowadays everyone seems to be gluten free or lactose intolerant so I am pretty careful about that. My friends back home love my taco recipe so I used to organize Mexican Fiestas quite often. Themed dinner parties are fun and I love this book Be My Guest by Rena Sindi that inspired me.  I get so much information and cool ideas on pinterest,  it  really is such an amazing resource full of entertaining ideas ( from table decorations, themes for parties, recipes, unique flower decor,  see pictures attached etc).

I also love my friend Dalia Dogmoch Soubra’s book ” Food, Love and Life” that is full of delicious recipes. Her passion for food is absolutely addictive and I just love all her little details that make such a difference.

What are the elements necessary to create a perfect environment?

Music and lighting are incredibly important in creating the perfect dinner atmosphere.  A close friend of mine recently showed me her trick which is to combine a mixture of real candles and fake ones to create a very romantic and elegant table display. Everyone assumed all the candles were real.

I take time in creating cool and original playlists, and you know you’ve had a great dinner when it ends in dancing at the end!

Any other tips?

Passion for food is the key and enjoying sharing that with your close friends is the ultimate recipe for a successful dinner party.

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dining etiquette Presents Mary Katrantzou’s Resort 2014 Collection

Last night we were invited to the exclusive preview of designer Mary Katrantzou’s Resort collection in association with Not only were the prints gorgeous, but the unique cuts and shapes of the dresses match the famed prints that have made Greek designer Mary Katrantzou and international sensation with fashionistas all over the world.

Some of our favorite looks of the night include Leila Yavari, fashion director for who looked stunning in her gorgeous Mary Katrantzou dress,  Rosemin Manji in pink, and the lovely Lina and Tala Al Saaman also wearing Mary Katrantzou designs. We also really loved Maliha Al Tabari’s beautiful Mochi  purple ensemble ( her sister is the talented designer). Thank you to the amazing Expose Communications team for such a lovely event.

Leila Yavari Stylebop


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S.O. Introduces Its Online Community

Stefanie Ost

S.O.  is proud and excited to welcome you to its new online community – a platform to share advice and tips on wellness, beauty, fashion, make over’s, and etiquette. We will be interviewing experts in the field in all these categories and asking them to share their tips and secrets to looking and feeling better. We will be interviewing inspiring ladies in Dubai and abroad who will share their personal beauty and lifestyle tips as well.  We encourage you to share your own tips and ask us anything just email me and don’t forget to sign up to receive news and updates on SO Famous offers and courses throughout the year.

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