S.O. Wellbeing Philosophy

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Here at S.O. as much as we appreciate beauty and fashion, part of our wellbeing philosophy is to give back, so philanthropy and getting involved in causes dear to our heart are very much part of our daily lives.

Our general manager Leila Antakly volunteered in Cambodia for a few months and is actively involved in raising funds for Aziza’s Place future sustainability and is also active in raising awareness to their cause by matching volunteers and mentors from all over the world.  ” Aziza’s Place is the most special place to me in the world .” says Leila who spent five months volunteering in the capital Phnom Penh. ” I have always been very interested in giving back and fighting for children’s protection and as much as I wanted to partake in fighting human trafficking, I was extremely honored to have the chance to become a part of Aziza’s which is made up of 23 students who did not have the access or resources to go to school and get an education. AP is a place that provides these children with a well rounded education that includes English, Khmer, Music, Karate, Art and guidance that teaches them to be productive and responsible citizens of the world. They’re one big happy family”. If you would like to find out more information on how to get involved or support Aziza’s Place, contact Leila@so-famous.com


azizas place

This Event Could Change Your Life

Is it possible to look and feel years younger? Yes.  Sometimes we just need to get the right advice and guidance from experts on different topics covering different lifestyle options. On November 3rd join us with New You Magazine and embark on this  journey towards optimal wellbeing.  Learn about the latest treatments on nutrition such as detox and food tolerances, chronic stress, aesthetics and sexuality from U.S. doctors considered experts in their field.

The wellbeing symposium will be held at the H Hotel in Dubai on November 3rd from 7 pm- 9.30 pm.

The tickets are Dhs 149 and include a gourmet gluten and dairy-free cocktail reception, goodie bags and tons of amazing prize giveaways.

Purchase tickets  online at:  http://new-you.me/shop/register-for-newyou-anti-ageing-symposium



S.O. Beauty Secrets


Stefanie Ost always share her favorite beauty secrets with our team here at S.O. so we asked her to share some of those with you our lovely audience.

Stefanie what is one of your best kept beauty secrets?

I have plenty of beauty secrets but here are just a few of my favorite:

If you have a pimple and you know it’s gonna look really nasty, apply Manuka Honey on it before going to bed and the next day your complexion will be a lot more clear. Honey has been known as an antimicrobial and antibacterial properties since prehistoric times.  Manuka honey is honey produced from bees that eat only plants flower known as manuka or tea plants in several countries.

I take vitamin E oil which is fabulous for your skin, Chlorella tablets and Spirulina (a species of algae as seen in photo above) which is packed with minerals.  I love to add Chia Seeds to my foods as they are full of omega 3 fatty acids which are also good for your skin and apparently they help with metabolism.

Argan tree is one of the world’s oldest tree species. This tree grows only in southwest Morocco, between Essaouira and Agadir. Oil from the argan tree is known as an oil rich in antioxidants and vitamin E so that both are used in skin and hair. This oil is absorbed much more easily than the beauty oils in general.

Perhaps this is not a secret anymore as everyone has heard of the benefits of juicing, but  it is definitely one of my favorite beauty remedies.  Just don’t think that because your juicing that you wont be needing your daily intake of eating fruits and vegetables as well! Juicing will supercharge your nutrient intake by providing you with pure micronutrients, vitamins and enzymes so you can kick start your metabolism and give your body a break from all of the strange chemicals you’ve been challenging it to process until now.

Prepare your fruits and veggies the night before if you plan on making a morning juice by selecting the ingredients for your juice, washing the produce, placing them in a storage container in the fridge and assembling the juicer in your kitchen so it’s ready.

-Sherri Jafferi- Social Media Manager