Don’t Forget To Protect the Hands!


Many people spend a lot of time protecting their skin with SPF on their face and neck but forget their hands!
Your hands will show sun damage and age more quickly than you think. While your face may remain line free, smooth and glowing thanks to state of the art treatments, your hands may do the opposite. When you treat your delicate facial skin, you should be treating your delicate hand skin right along with it. The production of collagen will begin to slow down once you hit your 30’s.
SPF is the key. While applying your daily facial sunscreen, make sure to always apply it to the backs of your hands. If you have a day outdoors planned, it is especially important to reapply.
A few other tips to protecting your hands:
– Avoid washing your hands with hot water. Use lukewarm water to retain moisture.
– While working around the house (doing dishes or while using household chemicals) wear gloves!
– Reapply lotion/sunscreen every time you wash.

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