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Barry Ennis

Barry Ennis is a Los Angeles native currently living in Dubai, UAE. Barry has extensive experience as a male model as well as a E-RYT yoga instructor, cyclist, and as the founder of Elite Sport Yoga.
Barry’s first passion is fitness, and through his life has gained experience in sports psychology, nutrition, strength training, flexibility training, yoga, conditioning, rehab, sports medicine, and life philosophy. He brings all of this knowledge together to create unparalleled fitness experiences through teaching indoor cycling and barre series classes at Flywheel Sports as well as through his personalized training.

We interviewed Barry to find out more and share some of his tips on keeping fit this summer with you.

Tell us about yourself Barry

I first got started in the fitness industry after completing college. There wasn’t much I wanted to do with a Psychology degree. I played college and semi-pro baseball, and through that training fell in love with yoga which was used to help us prevent injury and maintain mental peace of mind on the field. I decided to get a yoga teaching certification and began teaching yoga for athletes. Since then I’ve fallen in love with cycling and indoor cycling, and my journey has taken me all over the world- to different parts of the US for trainings and certification programs, to India to study life management and yoga philosophy. Since then I’ve been working in Dubai at Flywheel Sports teaching indoor cycling and barre series classes. I love to weave in the psychology and philosophy that I’ve learned to make each class more than just a workout, but an experience to help us all to higher heights.

What are some challenges or obstacles about staying fit in Dubai?
The whole Dubai lifestyle can for many be a big challenge to overcome. Most expats are here for a job opportunity, and that day-to-day life sends us rushing around the city from one thing to the next. Food is grabbed on the go a lot of the time, and it’s difficult in general to remember to take time for yourself and your health. It’s often not regarded as something as important as other aspects of life. Generally, the city is not conducive to those interested in an active lifestyle, but with more gyms and studios popping up in Dubai, it’s become harder to find excuses not to go!

How do you motivate your clients into staying in shape?
It’s so much more than the workout itself. I encourage and invite all class participants to delve into deeper aspects of themselves in class. When you feel like your body and mind are resisting you- when it feels like you’re up against a wall- how do you respond? There are so many life principles that can be learned and practiced in the context of exercising your body. The same tendencies we have in our work, our romantic relationships, our personal development, etc. all come up again in class when you’re literally being met with resistance. If you’re the type to not give yourself a chance mentally and give up, it’s possible in a fitness class to learn how to shake off these demons, change your way of thinking, change your attitude, and therefore change more about yourself than just your body.

What are the fastest ways to shed the extra pounds?
The Flywheel and FlyBarre combo is fantastic. In Flywheel you experience a high-intensity interval training cardio burn. That means you’re going to keep your heart rate elevated and you will not only burn calories in class, but for a few hours afterwards as well since interval training spikes your metabolism. FlyBarre is a class to lengthen, strengthen, and tone the muscles of your body giving you that sleek, strong, toned look. By burning away the fat in Flywheel and toning your muscles in FlyBarre, you’ll be ready physically (and mentally) to hit the beach confidently.

Are there any special projects/charities, ngo’s you support ?

I’m actually a vegetarian, and want to raise awareness that it’s just as easy to get protein from other sources rather than from meat. There are so many misconceptions about meat and why we think we have to eat it. I’m part of a group called Animal Protection. They’re a new group in Dubai, but are working to bring awareness to how and why you may want to start eating less meat or assume a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Anything else youd like to share, any favorite tips or wellness advice?
The body achieves what the mind believes!

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