Korean Beauty Secrets

My best friend is obsessed with K pop and practically everything related to Koreans. So naturally she pulled me into it. While I can’t sit through a single episode of Korean dramas (way too lovey dovey for my taste), I listen to their music sometimes and I love the movie called 200 Pound Beauty!

Koreans have certain beauty standards that might be considered different to western culture. While its all the rage to be tanned in America, Koreans prefer snow white skin.

Koreans are really obsessed with beauty. Other than being one of the places where plastic surgery ads are commonly seen on the streets, they also have beauty secrets. The one I’ll talking about is the 10 step skincare rountine


The 10 Step Skincare Routine

Because your usual cleanse, tone and moisturise isn’t enough. “Skincare is a culture in Korea”, so it’s obvious that these women would definitely have a lengthier skincare regime.

Step 1 – Remove the day’s makeup with a moist towelette. Next use a gentle oil cleanser to remove any sebum or any impurities that might be found on your skin.

Step 2 – Wash your face with a mild cleanser or face wash.

Step 3 – Exfoliate problem areas. If you have visible pores or blackheads, concentrate on those parts of the face.

Step 4 – Pat your face dry and apply toner on your face. Opt for toners that are hydrating.

Step 5 – Apply Essence. It’s a nourishing liquid that is concentrated and helps improve elasticity, firmness and brightness.

Step 6 – Apply Ampoule. It’s a more condensed version of essence and is packed with vitamins. A few drops is enough.

Step 7 – It’s Mask time. Do this only 2 or 3 times a week. You can opt for facial sheet masks or you can choose an eye patches that boost collagen or a lip mask that hydrates your lips.

Step 8 – Eye cream. While applying eye cream make sure you don’t tug at the skin or pull it. Be as gentle as you can.

Step 9 – Emulsify. Basically apply a moisturiser on your face and neck

Step 10 – Cream mask. Apply a layer of night cream. This helps keep your skin hydrated throughout the night.


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- Neha Prasad