Nadine Sabaiti The Hipster

hot100sabaitisistersToday we interviewed the charming and stylish Nadine Sabaiti from The Hipster an e-commerce business she started with her sister Chirine that reflects their diverse personal styles, as well as their collective vision to offer the fashion savvy girl with a down to earth style and a quirky twist.

How did you start Nadine?

I am a big online shopper and as I browsed many western websites, I realized while Dubai has every high-end designer and luxury store in the world, it is short of the variety of casual and affordable fashion and specifically online stores that cater to that segment. We therefore decided to fill the gap and in 2012 my sister and I launched The Hipster.

Can you describe your fashion style?

My style is very diverse; it ranges from nonchalant casual to sexy dressy depending on my mood and outing. I definitely love to mix it up, like pairing little emerging labels with high end designers to create a not-so-typical look. Love prints, colors and bold lipstick.

What market does Hipster cater to?

The Hipster caters to girls between the ages of 16-35 who focus more on the style than brand and love to look effortless while they pull off Double-take styles.

Which high-street brand is your absolute favorite?

I love Sass and Bide, but I’m not sure if it qualifies as high street or high end, might be just in between.

What advice/tips would you like to share for emerging women entrepreneurs?

I salute all the women entrepreneurs out there. I encourage all the emerging ones to take slow and steady steps into entrepreneur-ships and be willing to put in the hard work and long hours.

Don’t be afraid to seek help from friends and family, collaborate and learn from other experienced entrepreneurs and make sure what you have to offer is fresh and inimitable.

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