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Do’s and Don’ts Before the Big Day



  • Stay true to yourself – When it comes to make up, hair and the wedding dress, keep it classic and elegant. The idea is look beautiful while still looking like yourself.


  • Prepare a small bag with essentials – This bag is going to be your lifesaver on the big day. Stash it with make up for touch ups, like lip gloss, powder, waterproof mascara and anything else you might need.


  • Rehearsals – I’m not talking about only the wedding rehearsal, but rehearsals with the photographer, makeup and hair. Getting a trial makeup and hair look done before the wedding prevents any unwanted surprises. It also gives you a chance to change certain aspects of the hair or makeup.


  • Take dance classes – This one is a no brainer. Unless both you and your fiance have some training in Ballroom dancing, you can’t skip this step. Dance classes are fun and you learn something new as well.


  • Eat – You have to eat. Don’t think of skipping any meals, you’ll need the energy. You don’t want to faint and cause a scene.






  • Be adventurous and try out new products – Stick to your normal routine. Don’t try out any new products or facials in the days leading up to your wedding. Spray tans included.


  • Spend all your savings – Your wedding day is undoubtedly the most special day of your life, but it’s also the beginning of your life with someone else. You can have a over the top wedding, but you cannot spend all your savings on one momentous occasion.


  • Buy a dress in a smaller size than yours – You’ve practically had years to lose those pounds, if you couldn’t do it then, why is it possible with a wedding hanging over your head? Buy the dress in your size and in a silhouette that flatters your body shape.


  • Be a Bridezilla – Things go wrong, doesn’t matter how much planning you do. Be patient and kind. Being angry and demanding doesn’t help anyone.


  • Leave the itinerary to the last minute – The itinerary is the only thing that keeps everything and everyone on schedule. Make sure you have it done and dusted ahead of time.

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- Neha Prasad