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How to Get the Perfect Cat Eye



So everyone seems to have trouble when it comes to eyeliner. Even me! one line is always thicker than the other… which then leads to panda eyes by the time I finish fixing it.

Want to avoid the panda look? here’s some tips and tricks!

  • If you are a beginner, its better to start off with a pencil eyeliner and move up to gel and eventually the “scary” liquid liners. The pencil gives you more control and helps in practicing.
  • Draw the line bit by bit, dont attempt to draw the line at one go, this is where it usually gets messed up. Unless you’re a pro, stick to dashes.
  • The wing. This can be tricky sometimes. the wing should be drawn upwards from the corner of the eye. Draw another line from the end of the wing to the middle of your eye. colour it in.

Here’s a fun video by YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan, showing you a couple of tricks for liquid liners and getting that perfect cat eye.


- Neha Prasad

How to Keep Your Skin Blemish Free




Here are a couple tips to keep your skin blemish free and beautiful all year long!

  • Water is your best friend. Add lemon or mint to flavour your water.
  • Always wear sunscreen. SPF 30 is a minimum if you live in UAE.
  • Avoid touching your face with your fingers as much as you can.
  • Exfoliate! Removing the layer of dead cells will lighten blemishes.
  • using lemon juice also lightens/ bleaches the blemishes and helps in achieving an even skin tone.
  • Cleanse, tone, moisturise. This is the golden mantra.
  • Regularly wash your pillowcase. Any surface that your face comes into contact with needs to be clean.

- Neha Prasad

How To Get The Perfect Smokey Eye

I’m pretty sure all of us love to do a smoky eye, but my smoky eye usually looks like someone punched me than sexy and smouldering. Here are a couple tips that helped me out tremendously.


A primer helps the eyeshadow you apply last for longer. It also prevents it from creasing. My favourite primer is Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.




The downfall of smoky eyes are dark circles. Using a concealer below your eyes will cover up those pesky dark eyes. Set it with loose or transparent powder. My favourite concealer is MAC Pro LongWear.




Use a highlighter below your brow bone and in the inner corner of your eye. This makes your eyes seem more bright and open. My favourite highlighter is The Body Shop Shimmer Waves.




Your lashes play a big role in a sexy smoky eye. Make sure you curl your lashes before you apply a coat or two of mascara. My favourite Mascara is Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes.




- Neha Prasad

Beauty Products In Your Kitchen Part Deux

One post isn’t enough to sum up all the amazing natural beauty products that you can find in your kitchen, so here’s part deux…


  • Oatmeal – Oatmeal is known for being a acne remedy. It removes the excess oil from your face and exfoliates dead skin cells. Add honey or tea tree oil to cooked oatmeal to use it as a facial mask. Let the oatmeal cool and then apply. Rinse off after 15 minutes.



  • Sugar – Brown sugar is amazing for exfoliating skin and keeps it healthy and from breaking out. You can use for your face, body and hair. For making a simple scrub, add olive oil to brown sugar. The consistency of the scrub should be more grainy than liquid.


ganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weiss

  • Avocado – Avocado is a triple threat. Other than being yummy to eat, it’s also fantastic for your hair, skin and health. It helps reduce wrinkles, moisturises your skin and nourishes your hair. For a avocado hair mask, add a  finely mashed avocado, yoghurt, olive oil and a egg yolk. Leave it on for 30 minutes and rinse.



  • Cucumber – Cucumber helps in reducing and lightening dark circles around your eyes, they also reduce puffiness. Place two slices of cucumber on your eyes for 20 minutes and relax.



  • Lemon – Lemon juice is wonderful in reducing scars and helps in fading dark spots. It helps in brightening skin and makes it soft. For a moisturising mask, mix equal parts of lemon juice , honey and olive oil. Keep it on for 10 minutes or until dry and rinse with warm water.


- Neha Prasad

The Perfect Lipstick For Your Skin Tone


If you are Pale – Nude lipsticks and glosses. Peach coloured lipsticks. Red Lips create a va-va-voom look. Choose shades that have equal undertones of warm and cool.


If you are Dark – Pure reds, purples, pinks and berry shades.


If you are Olive Toned – Shades of reds, nudes and pinks with blue undertones


If you are Asian – coral lipstick or  lipgloss.


If you are Indian – Orange based shades for a neutral look, Pinks for a day look, Brick red for nights.

middle eastern

If you are Middle Eastern – Nude lips


If you have Warm Undertones – Blue-based reds. Nude tones with gloss. Bronze shades for a monochromatic look.

If you have Cool Undertones –  Peach tones for a softer look, orange based shades or brick reds.

-Neha Prasad

Workshop with Celebrity Make Up Artist Najla Kaddour

We are very excited to announce a collaboration with celebrity make up artist Najla Kaddour who will be conducting a 2 hour workshop at our loft office in Media City on March 12th.

Sign up today!

Najla Kaddour Communication

Beauty Products in Your Kitchen

Before the various coloured goop in neatly packaged bottles and jars, you had your humble home made beauty remedies made from things you could find in the kitchen. Other than being cheap, these remedies are, obviously, au naturel. So ladies, Ditch the goop for some time and get concocting.


  • Aloe Vera – The plant has healing properties and can be used to heal scars and spots. It helps supply oxygen to the skin cells and it also increases the elasticity of the skin making it more flexible through collagen and elastin repair. The best way to use Aloe Vera, is to cut it in between exposing the fleshy part that contains the sap. Apply it to a freshly cleansed face.


  • Olive Oil – Olive oil has anti inflammatory qualities and can be used as a moisturiser, a mask and even as an exfoliator. extra virgin olive oil or cold pressed are best for using it on your skin. Olive oil does not clog pores. Mix olive oil and sugar to make a body scrub.


  • Almond Oil – Almond oil is used mainly for hair. It promotes hair growth. Its also strengthens the roots and makes hair shiny. You can apply the oil hot or cold onto the scalp directly. Let it soak for about an hour and wash your hair.


  • Turmeric – Now this ingredient is really common in indian curries. It has antiseptic  properties. It helps in reducing acne and hair growth on the body. But it gets messy and tends to stain everything you touch. You can mix it with any oil of your preference, milk or water and apply it on your skin. This helps lighten the appearance of stretch marks.


  • Honey – It’s full of antioxidants, which are good for wrinkles and aging skin. It is antibacterial, which helps with acne treatments and prevention. It clarifies skin by opening up and unclogging pores. Apply honey on your face like a face mask and let it sit for 15 – 30 mins and rinse it off with warm water.

- Neha Prasad

Bridal Make up Tips

Your wedding day is probably one of the most memorable days of your life. Looking flawless and beautiful is easy peasy with these tips and tricks. Check out S.O’s Bridal Package!

bridal make up

  • For longer lasting make up and flawless looking skin, using a primer is a must. A primer helps in filling in pores which gives skin a smoother looking appearance.


  • Apply your foundation before applying concealer. Putting the concealer on before foundation might end up giving you a cakey look. Also use a sponge while applying foundation. Using a sponge helps in blending the foundation evenly into the skin and creates a more natural look. Finally use loose powder to finish the look.


  • The idea is to enhance how you look naturally. Do not try makeup looks that makes you unrecognisable. Do not make any drastic changes like tanning, changing hair colours or lightening/darkening eye brows as it can turn out to be a mistake.


  • Dubai is notorious for it’s humidity levels. To prevent an oily sheen on your face, use as many oil-free products as possible. Also keep your blotting sheets close.

  • Use a cream blush if you want a more natural looking dewy look. Also cream blush lasts longer than powdered blush.


  • Apply lip balm before using a lip liner and lip stick. This helps in keeping the lips moisturised and prevent dryness. If you plan on wearing lip gloss instead of lipstick, use a matching lip liner and fill your lips in to help the colour last for longer


  • If you are planning on getting any facial treatment or plucking your eyebrows, make sure you do this 4 – 7 days earlier to the wedding. This gives your skin enough time to adjust and for the irritation, like redness and swelling, to reduce. Better safe than sorry!


The final tip is the most important one. Make sure you take test photos using flash with your full make up on. This is because some foundations and powders reflect light in a different way and test photos will prevent any nasty surprises. Don’t forget to blend your foundation down to the neck, to make sure that the skin tone of your face and body don’t look different.

- Neha Prasad

Organic Products

Dr Hauschka face care group.ashx

We got lots of feedback and comments on S.O’s post and advice on organic make up so here we are with more information.

Stefanie what ingredient one should look at while choosing an organic makeup product?

Personally, I suggest looking out for USDA organic-certified products and be aware of so called “natural” products, which only claim to be natural and they are in fact petroleum based and contain in fact only very little plant extracts and lots of artificial fragrances.

What are the advantages of using organic makeup products for long term use?

I believe that using organic makeup and skincare can definitely improve the condition of your skin but also help to limit the amount of toxins we are exposing ourselves to. By detoxing and absorbing less toxins, you start looking more beautiful and believe it or not begin to lose weight considering that you are following a healthy diet as well.

Which organic products do you recommend to keeping skin healthy and fresh?

I have begun washing with face with Manuka honey and using Organic Argan Oil as a night cream and organic Shea butter whipped with Argan Oil for Daytime. I also really love Dr. Hauschka products which I buy at the Organic Shop.

Practicing Yoga At Home

christy turlington yoga

After a long day at the office, sometimes by the time I get home  the last thing I want is to get back in the car and drive over anywhere for a yoga session. So recently I bought myself a nice yoga mat and decided to try yoga youtube workouts in the privacy of my own home, so I can still work out and stretch without having to leave the house and the results have been amazing. Here are some tips to consider in order to prevent injury and maximize the experience:

1) Create  your own space

Set aside a space in your room making sure  it is free from furniture and is clean and serene. I like to light a candle to create a peaceful atmosphere and I have a nice playlist of soothing music from Spirit Vogage and Shiva Rea has  compiled a collection of trance music suitable for Vinyasa flow. Keep the lighting low and relaxed.

2) Prevent Injury

Don’t force postures. Anything that is advanced is much better to do around a teacher who can watch you, but at home dont compete with your body -Be present, warm up, fully get into the poses you know…that is how an at home practice should be. Difficult poses should be in a class, where your teacher can make a safe environment for you.

3) Choose your youtube yoga style ( here are some of my favorite):

Hatha Yoga at Home http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAA-SZ05zSg

Weightloss Yoga with Tara Stiles

Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown1

4) Research!

The internet is a wealth of resources for an at home yoga practice.  Itunes has many yoga podcasts and  I Yoga Life has many videos  for a variety of levels.

7) Meditate

Sit with a straight spine, close your eyes and focus on your breath. The benefits of meditation include everything from lowering your blood pressure to improving your mood.

-Leila Antakly

yoga at home