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Our GM Leila Antakly recently traveled  to Mumbai where she attended a friends wedding and was inspired by the beauty, the colors and incredible traditions of Indian weddings.  S.O. collaborates with beauty experts In Dubai  who have worked in Bollywood and famed  celebrities and can create personalized packages for beauty makeovers and entire bridal parties as well.  We asked Leila to  pick some of her favorite looks for these  bridal makeup inspirations.   S.O. can also arrange Henna bridal parties, please contact us if you would like a consultation or more information.

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S.O. Wedding Services

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S.O. is happy to introduce an entire package to beautify and prepare a bride and her bridal party for her wedding not only from the outside but inside as well.  Etiquette courses that will help build a bride’s confidence from walking down the aisle confidently and comfortably to ensuring her table etiquette is perfect for her big day and future ahead. S.O. aims to provide brides with skills on how to maintain looking their best and feeling their best long after the consultation has ended.  

Stefanie Ost a former International fashion model and CEO of S.O. partnered with The Finishing  Academy UK to provide extensive modules in etiquette and is hands on during her client’s one on one preparation for makeovers and photoshoots.  At S.O we only collaborate with professionals in makeovers and fashion photographers  to ensure clients reach their full and most stunning potential.  Wedding Modules include (but are not limited to):

Poise and Elegance

Walking in Heels Comfortably and with Confidence

Brush up on social decorum ( table and dining etiquette)

Pre Wedding and Wedding Photography

Image Consultations/Makeovers

Fashion Styling/Personal Shopping/Wardrobe Edit

Attendees are empowered with confidence and radiate beauty on their special day. Contact us for more information or to set up an appointment.

Etiquette Goes A Long Way

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Stefanie many people believe Etiquette is an ‘ old fashioned’ concept, what do you think?

Etiquette is not only important but essential  in a professional business environment and  in fact at all times not only when dining in public at a nice restaurant.  One thinks or assumes that having proper etiquette is becoming stiff or acting arrogant, when in fact a simple etiquette lesson can help you feel more elegant, graceful and leave a great first impression.

 What are some of the most common mistakes people usual make during eating?

  • holding the knife/fork like a pen

  • Crossing your knife and fork when you finish eating

  • Keeping mobile phones on the table

 What are the 3 common mistakes people make on their first interview?

  • not shaking hands at all

  • Not standing up to shake hands

  • Not having done any research about the company

Can you share some tips with our blog audience  on leaving a good first impression?

  • smile (a smile goes miles – it breaks the ice and show people that you are glad to be with them)

  • Firm handshake

S.O. offers a range of Etiquette courses from Corporate to Social, contact us for more information.


Dinner Parties & Entertaining

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Leila Antakly is our general manager who moved to Dubai last year from New York City. One of her favorite activities back home was hosting friends and organizing themed dinner parties and events. So naturally we asked this bubbly personality to share some of her insight and tips on creating the perfect dinner atmosphere.

How do you decide on a dinner menu when hosting at home Leila?

For recipes I always consider my guests and take into account whether they would like certain dishes or not, I always check if they are vegetarian or have any food allergies. Nowadays everyone seems to be gluten free or lactose intolerant so I am pretty careful about that. My friends back home love my taco recipe so I used to organize Mexican Fiestas quite often. Themed dinner parties are fun and I love this book Be My Guest by Rena Sindi that inspired me.  I get so much information and cool ideas on pinterest,  it  really is such an amazing resource full of entertaining ideas ( from table decorations, themes for parties, recipes, unique flower decor,  see pictures attached etc).

I also love my friend Dalia Dogmoch Soubra’s book ” Food, Love and Life” that is full of delicious recipes. Her passion for food is absolutely addictive and I just love all her little details that make such a difference.

What are the elements necessary to create a perfect environment?

Music and lighting are incredibly important in creating the perfect dinner atmosphere.  A close friend of mine recently showed me her trick which is to combine a mixture of real candles and fake ones to create a very romantic and elegant table display. Everyone assumed all the candles were real.

I take time in creating cool and original playlists, and you know you’ve had a great dinner when it ends in dancing at the end!

Any other tips?

Passion for food is the key and enjoying sharing that with your close friends is the ultimate recipe for a successful dinner party.

SO offers a range of etiquette courses from business to dining etiquette, contact us for more information on

dining etiquette

S.O. Introduces Its Online Community

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S.O.  is proud and excited to welcome you to its new online community – a platform to share advice and tips on wellness, beauty, fashion, make over’s, and etiquette. We will be interviewing experts in the field in all these categories and asking them to share their tips and secrets to looking and feeling better. We will be interviewing inspiring ladies in Dubai and abroad who will share their personal beauty and lifestyle tips as well.  We encourage you to share your own tips and ask us anything just email me and don’t forget to sign up to receive news and updates on SO Famous offers and courses throughout the year.

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