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Meet The Wilhelmina Team – Fabiola Jassan

Fabiola joined the Wilhelmina team earlier this year to manage the new hostess division. Originally from Mexico City, she began working as a model at 10 and appeared in over 70 commercials. From an early age she spent most of her free time at castings rather than with her friends, quickly learning the importance of professionalism and discipline in order to go far with her career and aspirations.

At 18, she moved to Playa del Carmen a beautiful resort town in the Caribbean coast of Mexico, working in hospitality. Five years ago, Fabiola moved to Dubai seeking new challenges and began booking models, hostesses and organizing fashion events.  When asked what she loves most about Wilhelmina Dubai, she says it’s her colleagues who make her smile and laugh every day.




How does a typical work morning start for you?

I usually snooze 7 times before I actually get out of bed. Once I make it to the office I check my emails and write a list of what I need to do. I either email or call our hostesses to make sure they receive their briefings+ booking information, so being organized is definitely necessary. I spend a lot of time on building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients and I make sure to understand their needs  in order to create a tailored approach for our business. No day is ever the same, which I love. Every day our clients, models, hostesses, stylists, celebrities and creatives come in for meetings and you never know what to expect.


Three things you wouldn’t leave home without?

My phone, my heels and a positive attitude.


What do you love most about Dubai?

There are so many opportunities in Dubai which makes it an exciting place to be. I’m always meeting people from all parts of the world making it a vibrant city.


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Favourite restaurant in Dubai?

Loca – in Dubai Marina.


The best way to spend the weekend?

Well life is all about balance so a combination of going out, eating and exploring new restaurants with friends, and time at the beach chilling ( or jet skiing)!


Favorite fashion designer?

The fashion genius that is Karl Lagerfeld


Your signature style?

Im pretty moody when it comes to fashion but one thing I never compromise are my heels and pin straight hair.