Interview: Lady Mauve

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Melissah Russo, the creator of Lady Mauve. Lady Mauve is a fashion label that sells handcrafted jewellery and kimono jackets. Its known for its one of a kind statement necklaces.




SO: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started your label?

MR: My name is Melissah and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been in Dubai for about eight years now. I’ve always been around design. My mom’s an amazing seamstress and costume designer so as I was growing up, I learnt how to do basic sewing and helped her with all the costumes as I got older as there was a lot of work involved. My dad was in one of Melbourne first punk rock bands. I’ve grown up around music artists and designers my whole life.

I started Lady Mauve in 2010. I’ve always enjoyed making jewellery, its something that I’ve done for a long time and I just started showcasing at markets in Dubai.




SO: What was the inspiration behind Lady Mauve?

MR: Lady mauve is inspired by Lady Pink. Lady pink was the first female graffiti artist, who is based in New York City. A lot of my inspirations come from graffiti work. A lot of my colour choices and patterns come from that art form. I really love graffiti. I love the whole graffiti subculture.




SO: How would you describe your designs?

MR: Lady mauve is very bold, colourful, very statement pieces. A lot of the pattern choices and colour choices are like artwork, so everybody can see my designs actually can tell it’s a Lady Mauve piece. There is a bohemian influence as well. Over the years people have really appreciated what I’ve done and now I do pop up stores, private showcasing, I’ve participated in fashion forward, which was an amazing experience, to meet other designers in the region.




SO: What challenges did you face when starting your label?

MR: There are a lot of challenges when you start a label. I showcase at a lot of pop up stores and markets so it’s really about putting the hard work in and not giving up it’s almost been four years now I’ve been doing it and only now I’ve gotten noticed.


SO: Any advice for anyone who wants to start their own label?

MR: I find that in design things don’t happen overnight and if you keep pushing and you believe in yourself your label will get recognised, and if you have an idea and you want to do something, it’s just never giving up and just believing in yourself, it’s very important. Networking, keeping up-to-date with social media is very important as well.


Exciting news! Coming soon to Lady Mauve are customised denim jackets! Here’s a picture of Melissah’s.



– Neha Prasad