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Guess Campaigns

Guess has always had iconic campaigns typically shot by one of our favorite photographers, Ellen Von Unwerth who knows how to capture a woman’s sensuality and playfulness without going overboard and vulgar. Back in the 90′s landing a Guess campaign meant a model had reached her iconic status which can be compared to landing the Victoria Secret Angel spot for their annual and highly celebrated fashion show today. Probably the two most memorable ads were shot with super model Claudia Schiffer and Ana Nicole Smith, but our favorite were the color ones with models Megan Ewing and Adriana LIma.



megan-ewing-fellow-guess-model--large-msg-131111336658 - Copy

The  recent superstar to be chosen to represent Guess is former Miss World and Bollywood actress  Priyanka Chopra who reminds us of a cross of the classic beauty of Sofia Loren and Eva Mendes.



Indian Weddings

indian wedding dubai

Our GM Leila Antakly recently traveled  to Mumbai where she attended a friends wedding and was inspired by the beauty, the colors and incredible traditions of Indian weddings.  S.O. collaborates with beauty experts In Dubai  who have worked in Bollywood and famed  celebrities and can create personalized packages for beauty makeovers and entire bridal parties as well.  We asked Leila to  pick some of her favorite looks for these  bridal makeup inspirations.   S.O. can also arrange Henna bridal parties, please contact us if you would like a consultation or more information.  info@so-famous.com

indian wedding beauty

KC Makeup on Graphic Eyes

We are excited to feature this post with our favorite beauty and international Makeup Artist, Karuna Chani on the TOP graphic eyeliner looks for Middle Eastern women. In 2014 we plan on bringing this star from New York to teach several workshops on makeup application so keep informed by liking our fb page for updates.

1. Double Line- Why have one winged line when you can have two? This look is designed to be edgy and grab for its bold and “in your face” look.

Double Line

Products: Nars Lipstick belle du jour in Nude and makeup forever flash color in white

2.Milly Eye Fashes are the base of this avant garde look. Paint a strong winged top liner then place the Milly Lashes on top!

Mily Flashes

Products: Milly Eye Flashes and Nars lipstick in Belle du Jour

3.Pop of Color-Add your favorite bright color to your traditional winged look. This is an easy way to mix up the look and add some brightness to your kohl eye by adding a dash of color along the top liner, then a little gold shimmer in the corner.

Front Face

Products: Gold shimmer makeup forever Star Powder #920 (inner eye corner), Maybelline New Vivids in Vivid Rose #875 (on lips) and Nars Duo Eyeshadow in Jolie Poupee (purple line on lid)

4. Classic Cat- What girl doesn’t love a cat eye. Create a sultry and mysterious look by extending the curve of your eyeliner past your tear duct and bringing it to a point with your bottom eyeliner!

Classic Cat

Products: Dolce & Gabbana in Devil #220 (on lips) and gold shimmer Makeup forever Star Powder #920 (inner eye corner)

5.Thick & Winged- Make that top liner THICK! And bring it to a point for an added dose of edge. Drawing the eyes up and making the shape of your eyes really stand out, this is a great look for every woman!

Thick Winged

Products: Maybelline New Vivid Rose #875 (on lips)

Products Basic for ALL Looks:

Nars Smudge proof eyeshadow base
Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Ink Black
Laura Mercier Full Blown Mascara in Black
Giorgio Armani Eyebrow Pencil #2 and #3
Nars Cream Eyeshadow in El Dorado
Flawless Waterproof Airbrush foundation by Kett Cosmetics

S.O. Beauty Tips


Today our S.O. office manager Vanessa, shares some of her favorite beauty products and brands.


Avon’s charming pomegranate Moisture Rich Lipstick- It’s just like a lipstick and lip gloss in one!


Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara and Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

Skincare routine?

Day and Night Cream by Sonya Skin Care

Favorite model or beauty inspiration?

Miranda Kerr for her stunning natural beauty

Favorite perfume for a night out?

Fan di  Fendi


S.O. Wedding Services

Wedding Services - Final-blog5

S.O. is happy to introduce an entire package to beautify and prepare a bride and her bridal party for her wedding not only from the outside but inside as well.  Etiquette courses that will help build a bride’s confidence from walking down the aisle confidently and comfortably to ensuring her table etiquette is perfect for her big day and future ahead. S.O. aims to provide brides with skills on how to maintain looking their best and feeling their best long after the consultation has ended.  

Stefanie Ost a former International fashion model and CEO of S.O. partnered with The Finishing  Academy UK to provide extensive modules in etiquette and is hands on during her client’s one on one preparation for makeovers and photoshoots.  At S.O we only collaborate with professionals in makeovers and fashion photographers  to ensure clients reach their full and most stunning potential.  Wedding Modules include (but are not limited to):

Poise and Elegance

Walking in Heels Comfortably and with Confidence

Brush up on social decorum ( table and dining etiquette)

Pre Wedding and Wedding Photography

Image Consultations/Makeovers

Fashion Styling/Personal Shopping/Wardrobe Edit

Attendees are empowered with confidence and radiate beauty on their special day. Contact us for more information or to set up an appointment. info@so-famous.com

Meet Shahrzad From Wilhelmina Dubai

wilhelmina models dubai

Shahrzad is a beautiful Wilhelmina Dubai model I met during a shoot with our lovely friend and awesome photographer Mannbutte a while back here in Dubai.  Originally from Tehran, Shahrzad began modeling as a hobby 6 years ago after being discovered in her apartment lobby by a French photographer and has since shot editorials and traveled all over the world.

What’s one of your most interesting or amazing experiences modelling so far?

I shot a video for a charity in 2008 when I was very young and I had to play a blind girl who by miracle gets her eyesight back. It was a very moving experience for me because I really delved into the part and hoped that it would inspire people to support the charity.

- How do you see the fashion industry  in Dubai?

The fashion scene in Dubai is still growing and improving, you can’t compare it to a few years ago but it still has a way to go.

- How would you describe your own personal sense of style?

I’m quite moody when it comes to personal style, but I prefer to go with a classic and simple look and you’ll never find me in prints.

- What do you do with your free time?

When I get days off,  I like to hang out at home, cook for myself, read, or watch a movie. Sometimes I enjoy to write as well.
- What products do you use in your daily beauty regime?

I actually don’t have much of a beauty routine, I scrub my face once or twice a week  and try to stay away from beauty products in order to give my face some air from all the make up I wear on shoots.
- What is your favorite beauty tip?

I think its very important to avoid using chemical products and to instead use organic products. We all need vitamin D but the sun is really strong and harsh in Dubai so always in moderation.
-  You travel a ton for work what are three items that you must pack on every journey?

Besides the obvious ticket and passport ( lol) nice lingerie and perfume.
- What do you have planned next Shahrzad?

I just plan to continue traveling more and more, turning one of my scripts into a movie and learn how to ride a motorbike.

- Leila Antakly, GM Wilhelmina Dubai and S.O.


Luscious Lashes


As S.O.’s social media manager I get to scour the internet all day for all the best beauty advice which I then compress to share with you our audience. Everyone wants longer thicker lashes, so today’s post is a list of 5 ways to achieving the luscious lashes of your dreams.

1. Sera lounge - Located at business Central Towers does amazing lash extensions. Priced normally for DHS 400. 2 to 3 weeks.

2.Huda Beauty’s False lashes, I just love. Instantly achieve that dramatic sultry look.

3. Drugstore product- Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara – The name says it all and personally I’ve been trying it for weeks and love the look it gives me for its bended brush to accommodate the arch of the eye just by putting it on and curling my lashes it gives my lashes the vavavavoom effect.

4. Chanel Mascara-Chanel make up is always flawless and perfect. I love the thick brush which immediately gives a heavy volume perfect to dab to lashes at the corner end of the eye for a very feminine look.

5. Try using Vaseline at night especially after taking off the makeup and mascara. We’re not sure if its true or not but apparently applying Vaseline helps lash growth and I find its great at taking out all the makeup residue other removers can’t.

Have any amazing tips you’d like to share, send them our way we love to hear from you. Don’t forget to contact us for more information on makeovers, image consultations, fashion styling, photo shoots and etiquette, info@so-famous.com



Halloween Makeup Ideas


We loved this post via http://www.babble.com/disney/disney-villain-makeover-looks-to-inspire-for-halloween/
They’re mean, they’re nasty, they’re downright evil. We’re talking about Disney Villains! These dreadful characters go out of their way to make everyone around them miserable. That’s why Halloween, the holiday that celebrates everything creepy is the perfect time to pay tribute to them! Check out these frightful makeup designs that are inspired by Disney Villains. Whether Maleficent, Cruella de Vil or the Queen of Hearts is your favorite Diva of Darkness, you are sure to look wicked with these malicious makeovers.

Special thanks to Katelynn Rose, a professional make-up artist from Romania for allowing us to share her images and makeup magic! For more of her makeup styles like her Facebook page, she’s also on DeviantArt.


Chanel Nuit Magique

In preparation for the anticipated #VFDE,  Vogue Italia Event at Dubai Mall, our general manager Leila Antakly was invited to a special and very exclusive preview for CHANEL’s latest makeup collection inspired by the Middle East, ” Nuit Magique” a combination of midnight blue and starry black created specifically for dark hair and dark eyes.



For this collection with its enchanting charm, CHANEL enhances Oriental  eyes  with LES 4 OMBRES FASCINATION a gradation of magnetic shadows that wavers between the softness of pale grey and the dizziness of a deep blue.


For even more depth, the STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF NOIR INTENSE is traced along the base of lashes or on the inner eyelid rim like kohl. LE VOLUME DE CHANEL NOIR mascara is swept generously over lashes to boost the intensity of makeup.



Le vernis takes a radical stance with a duo of elegant and surprising new nail colours: MAGIC-a deep blue hue, and COSMIC a sparkling black.


chanel 2

chanel 4

Thank you to the amazing CHANEL team and Bloomingdales!


Is Healthy Hair Possible In Dubai?

Hello lovely audience.  I am Sherri and I am the social media manager at SO. Every Thursday I will be compiling and listing some of the best beauty and health tips from around the world on everything from diet, exercise, to makeup, in fact anything that will help you look and feel better!

My goal is to make this platform interactive and engaging so send me your tips or ask questions or better yet, come in for a makeover consultation.

Today I am sharing some of the best tips I’ve found on keeping your hair healthy in Dubai. Everyone here talks about losing hair whether its the dry weather conditions  or horribly treated water that may be too harsh on most scalps.

1.       One of my favorite beauty bloggers, Huda Beauty shared this  recipe for a serum one can make at home to counter hair loss!

2.       Refinery29 is another favorite website and here’s one of their tips on using apple cider vinegar for voluminous healthy hair.

3.       Savoir flair’s  10 Cardinal Rules for preventing hair loss which are great!

4.     Into the gloss recommended this amazing Vegetarian Conditioner Mask to nourish the hair.

5. Our general manager Leila Antakly constantly complains about losing hair has tried and tested a few solutions . She believes taking Biotene every morning before breakfast and her Ionic  filtered shower head which is supposed to balance the water and nourish the scalp has greatly reduced hair loss.