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Makeup Tips and Tricks

Who doesn’t love makeup? I feel absolutely naked leaving home without applying my mascara or lip tint! On other days, I’ve got to do a full makeup look, if I’m going out for an event. Here are a few tips and tricks that I’ve found useful!




- Before applying foundation, It’s important that you apply primer. It helps by making your makeup last longer.

- Apply your foundation before your concealer. If there are blemishes or spots still visible after you apply the foundation, cover them up with concealer.

- It is very important that your foundation matches your skin tone. Your concealer should be a shade lighter.

- Use a stippling brush to apply foundation on your face. This ensures that you don’t have any streaks on your face.




- To avoid your eyeshadow from creasing, it’s essential that you apply an eye primer. The eye primer prevents the eyeshadow from creasing.

- The eyeshadow needs to complement your eye colour. If you have brown eyes, you can pull off almost any colour, but the best colours would be blue and purple. If you have green eyes, then it’s deep plum or colours with red undertones. If you have blue eyes then peach or colours with an orange undertone.

- Make sure you curl your eyelashes before applying mascara.

- If you have small eyes, it’s better to avoid lining inside your lower lash line. Your eyes would look bigger with a cat eye.




- Eyebrows frame your face. Your eyebrows should be well groomed. It’s essential that you do your eyebrows since it’s one of the major features of your face.

- Your brows should start from the inner corner of your eye and should end at the outer corner of your eye.

- The arch of your eyebrow should be a diagonal line going through your pupil and ending at the tip of your nose.

- To fill in your brows, opt for brown or dark brown brow pencil, it’s more natural than black.




- To make your lips soft, use a scrub made of granulated sugar and olive oil to remove the dead cells.

- If you are wearing lipstick, apply a lip liner, to the edges of your lips and then colouring them in, it will make the lipstick last longer.

- If you’re planning on applying a red lipstick or other dark colours, keep your eye makeup simple so that it balances out.

- The best shade of lipstick is a colour that’s two shades darker than your natural lip colour.



- Neha Prasad


How To: The Natural Makeup Look

With the heat soaring higher every day, It isn’t advisable to be putting a lot of makeup (Unless you stay indoors) as most of it would melt away as soon as you start sweating under the sun.

A natural makeup look is a good choice for summer and if you actually don’t like putting a lot of makeup on. Here’s a quick checklist for you to get that natural “no makeup” makeup look!




One of the must haves for the natural make up look to work is good skin. Concentrate on perfecting your skin. Before you apply any makeup, you need to cleanse your face and apply a light moisturiser if your skin is dry.


Even Out Skin Tone

Even out your skin tone by using a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream. It is lighter than foundation. And you don’t have to worry about matching the colour to your skin tone, as the tinted moisturiser or BB cream is sheer.




Conceal Spots and Blemishes

Use a concealer to cover up any blemishes or spots you may have, as well as dark undereyes. It is essential for the concealer to match your skin as close as possible.


Powder and Blush

If your skin tends to get shiny, you can apply powder to help absorb the excess oil. Add a bit of colour to your cheeks. Opt for a cream blush than powder blush as it gives your skin a more dewy look.





The key is too be light handed. For eyes, opt for a shade of brown a bit darker than your skin tone and apply it to the crease and lower lash line. Blend it well. If you prefer lining your eyes than eye shadow, go for a dark brown eyeliner than black. To finish off, use mascara.



Opt for a tinted lip balm  that matches your lips and apply lightly and blend if required.




- Neha Prasad

How To Get The Perfect Smokey Eye

I’m pretty sure all of us love to do a smoky eye, but my smoky eye usually looks like someone punched me than sexy and smouldering. Here are a couple tips that helped me out tremendously.


A primer helps the eyeshadow you apply last for longer. It also prevents it from creasing. My favourite primer is Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.




The downfall of smoky eyes are dark circles. Using a concealer below your eyes will cover up those pesky dark eyes. Set it with loose or transparent powder. My favourite concealer is MAC Pro LongWear.




Use a highlighter below your brow bone and in the inner corner of your eye. This makes your eyes seem more bright and open. My favourite highlighter is The Body Shop Shimmer Waves.




Your lashes play a big role in a sexy smoky eye. Make sure you curl your lashes before you apply a coat or two of mascara. My favourite Mascara is Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes.




- Neha Prasad

The Perfect Lipstick For Your Skin Tone


If you are Pale – Nude lipsticks and glosses. Peach coloured lipsticks. Red Lips create a va-va-voom look. Choose shades that have equal undertones of warm and cool.


If you are Dark – Pure reds, purples, pinks and berry shades.


If you are Olive Toned – Shades of reds, nudes and pinks with blue undertones


If you are Asian – coral lipstick or  lipgloss.


If you are Indian – Orange based shades for a neutral look, Pinks for a day look, Brick red for nights.

middle eastern

If you are Middle Eastern – Nude lips


If you have Warm Undertones – Blue-based reds. Nude tones with gloss. Bronze shades for a monochromatic look.

If you have Cool Undertones –  Peach tones for a softer look, orange based shades or brick reds.

-Neha Prasad

Workshop with Celebrity Make Up Artist Najla Kaddour

We are very excited to announce a collaboration with celebrity make up artist Najla Kaddour who will be conducting a 2 hour workshop at our loft office in Media City on March 12th.

Sign up today!

Najla Kaddour Communication

Bridal Make up Tips

Your wedding day is probably one of the most memorable days of your life. Looking flawless and beautiful is easy peasy with these tips and tricks. Check out S.O’s Bridal Package!

bridal make up

  • For longer lasting make up and flawless looking skin, using a primer is a must. A primer helps in filling in pores which gives skin a smoother looking appearance.


  • Apply your foundation before applying concealer. Putting the concealer on before foundation might end up giving you a cakey look. Also use a sponge while applying foundation. Using a sponge helps in blending the foundation evenly into the skin and creates a more natural look. Finally use loose powder to finish the look.


  • The idea is to enhance how you look naturally. Do not try makeup looks that makes you unrecognisable. Do not make any drastic changes like tanning, changing hair colours or lightening/darkening eye brows as it can turn out to be a mistake.


  • Dubai is notorious for it’s humidity levels. To prevent an oily sheen on your face, use as many oil-free products as possible. Also keep your blotting sheets close.

  • Use a cream blush if you want a more natural looking dewy look. Also cream blush lasts longer than powdered blush.


  • Apply lip balm before using a lip liner and lip stick. This helps in keeping the lips moisturised and prevent dryness. If you plan on wearing lip gloss instead of lipstick, use a matching lip liner and fill your lips in to help the colour last for longer


  • If you are planning on getting any facial treatment or plucking your eyebrows, make sure you do this 4 – 7 days earlier to the wedding. This gives your skin enough time to adjust and for the irritation, like redness and swelling, to reduce. Better safe than sorry!


The final tip is the most important one. Make sure you take test photos using flash with your full make up on. This is because some foundations and powders reflect light in a different way and test photos will prevent any nasty surprises. Don’t forget to blend your foundation down to the neck, to make sure that the skin tone of your face and body don’t look different.

- Neha Prasad

The Benefits of Organic Makeup

mineral make up

Today we ask Stefanie Ost to discuss organic makeup and its benefits.

What do you think about organic makeup? Does it really help the skin?

I just started using organic make up two weeks ago so I cant judge its benefits yet. Generally, I am blessed with good skin but I believe that his is not only about what you put ON your skin, but much more about what you put IN your body. Consequently, I think a healthy diet is much more important. Yet, I have heard that many skin problems such as acne, contact dermatitis as well as allergies and irritations may disappear once synthetic ingredients and aluminium are removed from your skin care regimen.

My reason for using organic makeup is much more that normal makeup is full of toxic chemicals which have a negative effect on your body. What many people don’t know is due to all this toxins are absorbed by your skin and get in your bloodstream. Consequences of all those toxins in your system might be that you could be gaining weight or be unable to lose weight, though you really watch out what you eat.

How do you choose the products and which ones do you like so far?

I am currently trying the organic makeup series from Dr. Hauschka. I am happy with their Mascara, while the Blush is okay, the foundation acceptable and the concealer could be better. For my taste the foundation was a bit cakey, too much coverage and I don’t like too much that it is matte (I prefer a more translucent coverage during daytime allowing a natural shine), but now I just apply Shea butter below and I am quite happy with the result. Yet, I have to say here that I have dry skin, so I believe it would not work well for someone with oily skin.

I still want to try other organic makeup brands but so far I will be honest and say that for day time I am happy to continue using organic but for a special event and wanting to look my best, I am still going to use my regular makeup products.

S.O. is always on top of beauty trends don’t forget to book a consultation for a makeover and start the new year not only looking but feeling your best. info@so-famous.com

organic make up

Indian Weddings

indian wedding dubai

Our GM Leila Antakly recently traveled  to Mumbai where she attended a friends wedding and was inspired by the beauty, the colors and incredible traditions of Indian weddings.  S.O. collaborates with beauty experts In Dubai  who have worked in Bollywood and famed  celebrities and can create personalized packages for beauty makeovers and entire bridal parties as well.  We asked Leila to  pick some of her favorite looks for these  bridal makeup inspirations.   S.O. can also arrange Henna bridal parties, please contact us if you would like a consultation or more information.  info@so-famous.com

indian wedding beauty

KC Makeup on Graphic Eyes

We are excited to feature this post with our favorite beauty and international Makeup Artist, Karuna Chani on the TOP graphic eyeliner looks for Middle Eastern women. In 2014 we plan on bringing this star from New York to teach several workshops on makeup application so keep informed by liking our fb page for updates.

1. Double Line- Why have one winged line when you can have two? This look is designed to be edgy and grab for its bold and “in your face” look.

Double Line

Products: Nars Lipstick belle du jour in Nude and makeup forever flash color in white

2.Milly Eye Fashes are the base of this avant garde look. Paint a strong winged top liner then place the Milly Lashes on top!

Mily Flashes

Products: Milly Eye Flashes and Nars lipstick in Belle du Jour

3.Pop of Color-Add your favorite bright color to your traditional winged look. This is an easy way to mix up the look and add some brightness to your kohl eye by adding a dash of color along the top liner, then a little gold shimmer in the corner.

Front Face

Products: Gold shimmer makeup forever Star Powder #920 (inner eye corner), Maybelline New Vivids in Vivid Rose #875 (on lips) and Nars Duo Eyeshadow in Jolie Poupee (purple line on lid)

4. Classic Cat- What girl doesn’t love a cat eye. Create a sultry and mysterious look by extending the curve of your eyeliner past your tear duct and bringing it to a point with your bottom eyeliner!

Classic Cat

Products: Dolce & Gabbana in Devil #220 (on lips) and gold shimmer Makeup forever Star Powder #920 (inner eye corner)

5.Thick & Winged- Make that top liner THICK! And bring it to a point for an added dose of edge. Drawing the eyes up and making the shape of your eyes really stand out, this is a great look for every woman!

Thick Winged

Products: Maybelline New Vivid Rose #875 (on lips)

Products Basic for ALL Looks:

Nars Smudge proof eyeshadow base
Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Ink Black
Laura Mercier Full Blown Mascara in Black
Giorgio Armani Eyebrow Pencil #2 and #3
Nars Cream Eyeshadow in El Dorado
Flawless Waterproof Airbrush foundation by Kett Cosmetics

Luscious Lashes


As S.O.’s social media manager I get to scour the internet all day for all the best beauty advice which I then compress to share with you our audience. Everyone wants longer thicker lashes, so today’s post is a list of 5 ways to achieving the luscious lashes of your dreams.

1. Sera lounge - Located at business Central Towers does amazing lash extensions. Priced normally for DHS 400. 2 to 3 weeks.

2.Huda Beauty’s False lashes, I just love. Instantly achieve that dramatic sultry look.

3. Drugstore product- Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara – The name says it all and personally I’ve been trying it for weeks and love the look it gives me for its bended brush to accommodate the arch of the eye just by putting it on and curling my lashes it gives my lashes the vavavavoom effect.

4. Chanel Mascara-Chanel make up is always flawless and perfect. I love the thick brush which immediately gives a heavy volume perfect to dab to lashes at the corner end of the eye for a very feminine look.

5. Try using Vaseline at night especially after taking off the makeup and mascara. We’re not sure if its true or not but apparently applying Vaseline helps lash growth and I find its great at taking out all the makeup residue other removers can’t.

Have any amazing tips you’d like to share, send them our way we love to hear from you. Don’t forget to contact us for more information on makeovers, image consultations, fashion styling, photo shoots and etiquette, info@so-famous.com