KEORO Resort Wear

Evelyn Virag Keoro

Today we interview Evelyn and Oana two young and talented UAE based Italian designers who created KEORO, a luxury resort-wear collection born in Dubai.

The collection is a direct reflection of Dubai’s lifestyle with year-round summer-like climate and mix of sea and desert that is shown through the collection by the usage of aqua green, blue, bronze and white. The prints are inspired by the culture and the sight of the region: paisleys as an ancient Persian and Indian motif, dégradé as the shades of the magical sunsets and hues of blue that denote the sea. It embodies the modern and sophisticated woman who desires to be elegant and sensual, yet looks for multi-functionality and comfort. The collection is multi-faceted and can be worn on a casual day at the beach or to a glamorous yacht party and further into the evening as the kaftan transforms into an evening dress

Evelyn, Oana what inspired you to start a resort wear collection?

Our collection is inspired by our travels, our love for the sea and our free spirits. We also realized it was difficult here in Dubai to find something different other than heavily ornate and embroidered beach kaftans, so we decided to create a clean and sophisticated design that would appeal to women like us.

What are your greatest influences or fashion icons?

Other resort wear designers like Melissa Odabash, and Heidi Klein but mainly our inspiration comes from observing people on the beach all over the world.

How would you describe the KEORO woman?

She is modern, sophisticated and sensual. Who appreciates multi-functionality and comfort.

Challenges of starting your own fashion collection?

The biggest challenge is reaching out to the target audience. Creating a collection from start to finish requires a lot of effort, dedication, and patience. Also because we decided to produce the collection here in the UAE finding the right factory that could provide the highest standards of quality.

Favorite boutiques?

Candela, Boutique 1, Sauce, Salinas

Thank you girls for the interview anything else you would like to share with our audience?

All we want to say is that we must all follow our dreams. It is our dreams that define us, our spirit that guides us and eventually our hard work that helps us grow. We all have it in us to think beyond the traditional boundaries.



Don’t Forget To Protect the Hands!


Many people spend a lot of time protecting their skin with SPF on their face and neck but forget their hands!
Your hands will show sun damage and age more quickly than you think. While your face may remain line free, smooth and glowing thanks to state of the art treatments, your hands may do the opposite. When you treat your delicate facial skin, you should be treating your delicate hand skin right along with it. The production of collagen will begin to slow down once you hit your 30’s.
SPF is the key. While applying your daily facial sunscreen, make sure to always apply it to the backs of your hands. If you have a day outdoors planned, it is especially important to reapply.
A few other tips to protecting your hands:
– Avoid washing your hands with hot water. Use lukewarm water to retain moisture.
– While working around the house (doing dishes or while using household chemicals) wear gloves!
– Reapply lotion/sunscreen every time you wash.