How To: Beach Hair

I love the way my hair looks after a trip to the beach. Soaking in the sun and the salty air seems to make my hair look better. For those who love beach hair but can’t go to the beach everyday, here’s three easy ways you can get those beachy waves.





Hands down, the easiest way to recreate beach hair. It adds texture and volume. An important tip, when applying salt spray, less is more. After you spray it onto your hair, just scrunch up the ends of your hair and voila, instant beach hair! You can buy salt sprays or you can make it yourself at home. Check out this DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray.





If you don’t mind heat styling and want something more defined, curling irons are your best option. An important tip, make sure you use heat protectant. This will minimise the damage to your hair. If you want loose waves, opt for bigger barrels. For tighter waves, smaller barrels work better.

You can also use your hair straighter if you don’t have a 3 Barrel Curling Iron. Just take 1 inch sections of your hair, roll it, from tip to root, around your finger. Remove your finger and hold the rolled hair and apply heat.





The way this usually works is after a shower, air dry your hair and tie it into a bun. After a couple hours you open up the bun and shake your hair loose. For best results, take a shower before you sleep and tie up your hair. You’ll wake up to a head full of curls! This gives you a more softer look since it’s not that defined and works well for people who have thick hair.

– Neha Prasad

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